Take a moment to look over this list of websites and publications containing in-depth information about growing muscadines.

Quick Important Links

  • Weather Forecast - Type your zip code in the box in the upper left.
  • Georgia Weather - Chill hours, evaporation, frost dates, historical data. Click the station closest to you on the map at the bottom of the page or type your zip code in the upper left box.
  • Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium - Production information, marketing, pest information, etc.
  • Muscadine Grapes - North Carolina muscadine grape page.
  • CDMS.net - This site allows you to type in the brand name of a pesticide and brings up the MSDS sheet and label. Good for updating you MSDS book or when the label is worn off a jug of chemical.
  • PPLS - Pesticide product label system. Similar to CDMS but run by the EPA. Search is less useful because you must search by company number and product number. Provides a wide array of information on disposal, restrictions, tolerances etc.

Various Informative Websites

Muscadine Cultivar Evaluations

Muscadine Books

  • The best single source for muscadine information is "Muscadine Grapes" edited by F. Basiouny and D. Himelrick, available from ASHS press. This book covers it all, including botany, history, breeding, culture, marketing, and processing.
  • You may also be interested in "The Joy of Muscadines" by Dr. J. Curtis Lane. This book primarily covers the history of muscadine culture. Also has good sections on home wine production and many muscadine recipes.

Organic Muscadine Information