‘Majesty’ grape was released by Dr. Jiang Lu at Florida A&M University in 2008 and is a patented variety.  ‘Majesty’ was selected from a progeny developed by crossing ‘Supreme’ to ‘Triumph’.


We did not formally yield trial ‘Majesty’ and my observations are based on a few vines planted at our station and at a local grower.  ‘Majesty’ appears to be vigorous and is a good growing vine.  Flowers are female and so a pollinizer is needed.  Like its parent ‘Supreme’, berry size is very large, perhaps the largest of any released cultivar I have seen.  Berries are an attractive black color similar to ‘Supreme’.  Flavor is excellent and sweet.  The biggest drawback I have seen with this cultivar is that production seems to be fairly low.  I would think that commercial growers would find that it simply does not yield well enough to be profitable.  Low and variable production is a problem in many female-flowered muscadines and results may vary from vineyard to vineyard.  It may be worth trialing in your vineyard to see if production is good as quality is excellent.  Homeowners looking for a large, high-quality berry might be well satisfied with this cultivar.  Like most black muscadines, I have noticed very little rot on this cultivar.

‘Majesty’ muscadine can be difficult to obtain.  AgriStarts lists it, but generally they sell in bulk.  Ison’s Nursery also sometimes has some for sale.