Cultivar Information

Flower type = Female
Berry color = Pink
Year introduced = 1997
Variety protection = Patented


'Scarlett' was released and patented in 1997 by R. Lane of the University of Georgia. 'Scarlett' was selected primarily for its excellent consumer acceptance of fruit quality and its bright red berry color. 'Scarlett' was produced from the cross 'Summit' x 'Triumph'.


'Scarlett' produced very large berries of excellent quality. Berry taste is very sweet with a crisp skin, and a less noticeable muscadine aroma. Many people prefer this variety over all others.

Unfortunately, productivity is too low for this to be a viable commercial cultivar. We often noted "cap stick" problems during pollination, perhaps leading to lack of pollination and berry set. 'Scarlett' might be a good homeowner vine because of its high fruit quality, but only if you have room for several vines to make up for the lack of production.



Average Berry Quality in Tifton, GA Trials

Cultivar Berry weight (g) Berry diameter (mm) Soluble solids (%)
Scarlett 12.4 27 16.8
Fry 12.7 27 15.3
Supreme 17.7 31 13.9

Cultivar Attributes in Tifton, GA Trials

Cultivar Vine vigor Leaf disease Berry rot % Full crop Harvest period Ripening % Dry scar
Scarlett high slight slight 30% midseason even 70%
Fry medium slight slight 70% midseason even 30%
Supreme medium slight none 90% midseason uneven 60%