Cultivar Information

Flower type = Self-fertile
Berry color = Red/Black
Year introduced = 1998
Variety protection = Unpatented


'Polyanna' was released in 1998 by P. Anderson, J. Mortensen, and J. Harris of the University of Florida. 'Polyanna' was selected from the cross 'Fry' x 'Southland' as a self-fertile purple cultivar with high quality.


The primary positive attributes of 'Polyanna' in our trials were excellent resistance to fruit rots and dry stem scars.

I don't like 'Polyanna' as a commercial cultivar because of its uneven ripening and late harvest date. Also, the lenticels (small white spots on the berry) are very prominent on the berries, and this is disliked by some customers. As a home vine, 'Polyanna' would be okay as a late ripening cultivar, and its disease resistance would be useful in this setting as well.



Average Berry Quality in Tifton, GA Trials

Cultivar Berry weight (g) Berry diameter (mm) Soluble solids (%)
Polyanna 10.7 26 14.8
Fry 12.7 27 15.3
Supreme 17.7 31 13.9

Cultivar Attributes in Tifton, GA Trials

Cultivar Vine vigor Leaf disease Berry rot % Full crop Harvest period Ripening % Dry scar
Polyanna medium/low moderate none 80% late very uneven 70%
Fry medium slight slight 70% midseason even 30%
Supreme medium slight none 90% midseason uneven 60%