Southern Home

Cultivar Information

Flower type = Self-fertile
Berry color = Black
Year introduced = 1994
Variety protection = Patented


'Southern Home' was introduced in 1994 by J. Mortenson, J. Harris, D. Hopkins, and P. Anderson of the University of Florida. 'Southern Home' was selected from the cross 'Summit' x P9-15. 'Southern Home' is special among muscadine cultivars because the P9-15 parent is a complex hybrid between V. rotundifolia, V. popenoei, V. munsoniana, and V. vinifera. The first three species are all from the muscadinia subgenus, and V. vinifera is the standard wine bunch grape species. You can tell the hybrid nature of this cultivar by the cut leaf pattern of the leaves.


We have only evaluated 'Southern Home' in an informal way. The berry size is likely too small for use in the commercial market. However, berry flavor and overall quality are good, and the flesh has a nice crisp texture. This vine is highly recommended for home plantings because it is self-fertile, has good flavor, and the cut leaf pattern is very ornamental.



Cultivar Attributes in Tifton, GA Trials

Cultivar Vine vigor Leaf disease Berry rot % Full crop Harvest period Ripening % Dry scar
Southern Home high slight none 80 % mid/late even 30%
Fry medium slight slight 70% midseason even 30%
Supreme medium slight none 90% midseason uneven 60%